Welcome to the Int'l Conference on Infant Studies (ICIS)
2014 pre-conference page!

What Infants See in the Real World:
Pre-Conference Meeting on Head-Mounted Eye Tracking

Wednesday 2nd July 2014, 5 – 8 pm

Where: Salon 1 / Moscow, Maritim Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Registration: Unfortunately, registration (and the wait-list) is now closed. Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in this pre-conference! Original website: infantstudies.org

Note: the pre-conference is now fully booked. However, anyone still interested in attanding should email Hanna Mulder to be added to the waiting list.

Head-mounted eye tracking is a novel technique which can be used to study what infants see in the real world, as they explore their environment and engage in interactions with objects and people. This pre-conference meeting aims to bring together researchers working with head-mounted eye tracking and head cameras in infancy research, as well as researchers interested in learning about the methodology and application of these techniques. The meeting will consist of two sessions. The first session is focused on methods, data analysis, and theory. The second session is focused on the application of this methodology in different developmental domains, such as infant vision, and social, language, and motor development. The meeting is open to researchers working with head-mounted eye tracking and head cameras, as well as researchers who are interested in learning about the methodology and application of these tools.

Pre-Conference Organizers:
Hanna Mulder   Sam Wass
Hanna Mulder (Department of Special Education, Utrecht University, the Netherlands)
Sam Wass (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK)

4:30 pmWelcome Coffee

5:00 pmWelcome
Part 1 - Methods, Data Analysis, and Theory
Dr. John Franchak5:05 pmDr. John Franchak
Indiana University
Measuring infants' visual exploration with head-mounted eye tracking
Mr. Jason Babcock5:20 pmMr. Jason Babcock
Positive Science, LLC - New York
Infant eye tracking at home (and work) + a new coding tool
Dr. Yukie Nagai5:35 pmDr. Yukie Nagai
Osaka University
Computational Methods to Analyze the Dynamics of Infant-Caregiver Interaction
Dr. Karen Adolph5:50 pmDr. Karen Adolph
New York University
Scoring and sharing video: Datavyu and Databrary

6:05 pmDiscussion

6:20 pmCoffee, Tea, Snacks
Part 2 - Research Topics in Vision, Language, Motor, and Social
Dr. Chen Yu6:40 pmDr. Chen Yu
Indiana University
A multi-pathway mechanism of coordinated visual attention in parent-child play
Dr. Linda Smith6:55 pmDr. Linda Smith
Indiana University
Analyzing infant-perspective scenes
Dr. Hanako Yoshida7:10 pmDr. Hanako Yoshida
University of Houston
Exploring Early Language Exposure through the Child's Perspective
Dr. Kari Kretch7:25 pmDr. Kari Kretch
New York University
Visual guidance of locomotion in infancy

7:40 pmDiscussion

8:00 pmClose